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Campervan Stopover Locations

We understand how difficult it can be sometimes to find the perfect campervan stopover locations. Even with the freedom and flexibility to travel in your accommodation, you should pay careful consideration to where you spend the night. As most campers can be used off-road, this means you will have a better and wider selection of the places you can camp at. This includes specialist campsites, laybys and even the drives or gardens of your friends. We've listed a few ways we find the most convenient to identify stopover locations in the UK.

using a mobile app to find stopover locations

Using an App or a Website

In an increasing digital world, the first port of call for most campervan owners is often the World Wide Web. Online resources are often detailed, and you can easily see other campers' experiences and reviews of a particular site. However, we would recommend that you do your online research before you leave for your journey, as you may not have reliable internet access at your destination. 

We found that Park4night was a really useful app to have on your smartphone. This app has over 60,000 sites listed; each is reviewed, with useful information and photographs as well.  

Go to or download the app from Google Play or Apple App Store. covers the UK and many parts of Western Europe too. Though there are not as many sites to read about, the reviews are thorough and using this site as you to plan ahead for your camping trips, ideal if you only have a limited amount of time for camping. 

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Join Facebook Groups

Going to different Facebook groups is another way of finding the best places to stay during your journey. Perhaps the biggest group with over 80,000 members is the Campervan Overnight parking group. You can search through their posts or request information from the members. 

Campervan Overnight Parking

There are also groups for fellow campers to share and recommend free overnight parking and wild camping sites. 

Free Overnight Parking SpotsWild Camping and Overnight Parking
using social media to plan campervan journeys
view of a gps tracker and OS map

Buying a Guidebook

With the wide availability of online resources, traditional paper guidebooks may seem obsolete at first glance. However, there is something about flicking through a detailed guidebook that helps to kindle your excitement for the trip ahead. We would recommend keeping a physical copy in your camper for times when you do not have reliable internet access to find a place for the night.

Cool Camping and it's associated books provide details of the coolest campsites in some of the most attractive places in Britain.  Some of these sites will accept campervans, and you know it will be better to pay to stay on sites with more space to park up comfortably. 

Brit Stops is a community-driven network of local businesses who offer campervan stopover throughout the UK. Their guidebook is published annually, with an updated list of stopover locations and a simplistic layout to the facilities on site.

Free Parking at Pubs and Interesting Locations

In the UK mainland, camping is a bit of a mixed bag, to say the least:

England & Wales 

Because of the bad press received by new age travellers during the 1980s, it is difficult to park for free overnight. By selecting your location wisely it is possible to free park, however, do not be surprised if the Police ask you to move someplace else during the night or first thing in the morning. 


Scottish law allows you to roam and camp freely. However, this does not include camping using a campervan and caravan. It is generally tolerated if you seek permission from landlords and act with respect wherever you stay.  

view of a country cottage

Where to go in a campervan UK?

We hope you have enjoyed this guide to campervan stopover locations. This website offers tips and information to help you plan your campervan travels throughout the UK. Please get in contact if you have questions about our VW Campers so that you can begin planning your own journey.

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