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Campervan Maintenance

Understanding basic campervan maintenance can help reduce problems as you travel the UK. Converted Campervans should only be repaired and inspected by an authorised workshop. Like a private vehicle, it requires an annual MOT to remain roadworthy, as well as full insurance and recommended annual servicing. As the owner, you too have a list of maintenance responsibilities which keeps the vehicle safe and in working condition.

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Self Maintenance Checklist

  • Examine for signs of damps – mold, watermarks or a weird, stuffy smell may be an indication of damp. Therefore, to give your campervan sufficient airing, open all windows, doors, and skylights.
  • Appliances– Ensure all the electrical devices are in a safe working conditions.
  • Spring clean – Thoroughly clean the interior and exterior of your campervan to eradicate any residual grime and dirt which over time causes damage and deterioration.
  • Check for leaks– Examine doors, windows, and seals for any damage. Contemplate on soaking the car with water using a garden hose and ask someone to sit inside to detect any leaks.
  • Gas system– Inspect for the presence of insects in the LPG appliances that may have accessed the system over the winter which might cause problems.
  • Warranty- In most cases, your campervan will be up to date with its servicing, especially so if it still has its warranty. Nevertheless, it might be wise to consider a habitation service where proficient and trained professionals examine the electrical and gas system.
  • Weather damage– Inspect for weather damage which might have happened over the winter period.
  • Tyres – To avoid flat tyres, inspect the tyre pressure and the tread depth before setting off on a journe; look for signs such as cracking, bulging or objects stuck in the tyre. Moreover, examine the tyre sidewalls for indications of hairline cracks and UV degradation.
  • Battery – Change the battery of your campervan if required, particularly so if it has not been used for a while.
  • Examine that the wiper blades are in adequate working condition.
  • Inspect the oil and coolant pressure.
  • Close and latch both the interior and exterior doors.
  • Confirm all the hoses, cords among others are detached and put away.
  • Paperwork – Confirm your driving license is current, you have a legal MOT, and your insurance is updated.
  • Check that the satellite dishes or TV antennae before travelling are in the right position.
  • Water system – Before use, meticulously flush out the water system as well as cleaning any internal tanks using a steriliser/cleaner.

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We hope you have enjoyed this guide to campervan maintenance. This website offers tips and information to help you plan your campervan travels throughout the UK. Please get in contact if you have questions about our VW Campers so that you can begin planning your own journey.

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