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If you have ever wondered what it would be like to travel the UK in a campervan then this website guide to Campervan Travels UK is for you. Imagine waking up each morning to a different fascinating view; you can enjoy panoramic sea views, majestic mountain ranges and calming countrysides, all in the same holiday.

Exposure to the natural environment has been shown to improve mental health and prevent illnesses such as depression. The flexibility of travelling in a campervan means that you have the freedom to move wherever you wish to and spend as much time as you want in a location; so you can uncover hidden gems and destinations which an average tourist would never find.

A campervan may seem like a substantial cost, but it is a future investment that will save you a lot of money; especially if you plan to use it often. 

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Planning Your Campervan Journey

Whether you are embarking on a romantic weekend getaway or a three-week family holiday, there are a few things you should consider before you dive head-first in your campervan and drive off into the sunset. Here's a brief checklist of planning your campervan journey.

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Make Sure You Can Drive It

Although you don't need a special license to drive a standard campervan, be mindful that it is more challenging to drive a van compared to a car, especially if you are not used to driving larger size vehicles. It might be beneficial to go for test drives to first get used to the vehicle before you drive across the country.

Do Some Planning

Contrary to popular belief, you cannot simply "pull up on the side of the road" to spend a night. There are designated stopover points, or you may choose to book a pitch on a campsite for additional facilities and comforts; you can avoid a lot of stress by ensuring you know where you will park during each leg.

Meal Planning

Consider the number of meals you will require and what you will eat. We recommend dishes which will be easy to prepare and make, such as roasted veggie skewers, baked potatoes or chilli. Although you don't need precise diet plans, it helps to have a variety of ingredients available for a quick, nutritious meal.

Also consider where you will store your food; as there aren't a great deal of room in a campervan, you simply can't bring everything from your fridge and cupboards. Don't forget that you can also source fresh, local ingredients on your travels.

Don’t Overpack

After the bed, the cooker and other gadgets and gizmos, the space for storage is often limited. It is therefore critical to only carry with you what will make the trip more enjoyable and leave the rest. You can always periodically book to stay at a campsite with laundry facilities to refresh your wardrobe rather than bringing 4 sweaters.

Campervan Travel Tips

With the extra flexibility and freedom, it's little wonder why so many prefer it over the traditional way of travelling. However, it's not as easy as having tinned soup under a clear, starry sky; there is a lot to consider, especially for a new owner. Here are some quintessential travel tips to make the most out of your camper.

Bring Someone You Really Like

Staying in a van means that you will be living in tight quarters. Whether you are going with a friend, family member, or partner, make sure you are going with someone you like and someone you can get cosy with. 

Choose Where to Stay

There are an abundance of designated stopover points which offer free overnight stays for owners of campervans and motorhomes, many of which are at authentic locations such as vineyards and country inns. These are available via several community-driven schemes such as Brit Stop, Camper and Caravanning Club and UK Motorhomes.

Alternatively, you can experience wild camping if you are in a suitable region. However, please make sure that you are out of the way of any local traffic, residents and if applicable, livestock. Keep in mind that even though it's mostly tolerated if done sensibly, the landowner has the right to request you to move from their land.

As versatile as a campervan is, it's understandable if you require extra facilities from time to time, such as hot showers, internet and laundry. You can book for a night at a campsite to take advantage of their facilities (but first research to ensure that they offer the facility you want!), or visit a local swimming pool for a spot of leisurely paddle.

Travelling in a Campervan

This website offers tips and information to help you plan your campervan travels throughout the UK. Please get in contact if you have questions about our VW Campers so that you can begin planning your own journey. For more information about where to stay in your campervan, follow the link below to visit our guide to UK campervan destinations.

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